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Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas

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Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas is in the North mountain Castelot, it was built here at the end of the sixth century. Another landmark to find the Church is a Historical Museum in Pula, the Church is located slightly North of it.

The Church was built in the typical architectural style: stone building resembles the classic Byzantine Basilica with Windows located on the lower level.

The Church was originally consecrated in honor of the virgin Mary. Then the Church building was destroyed and was reconstructed only in the year 1200. In the second half of the 18th century the Church was given to the Orthodox community, which included people from Cyprus. It was then that the Church received a new name, and was consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas. Today the building of the Church belongs to the Orthodox Serbian community. The building has an iconostasis, worked on it a famous Greek master Thomas Bates (18th century). In addition, there are stored the icons, Dating from XV and XVI century.

Today in Istria there are only two Orthodox churches, one of them is a Church, consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas, and the second is the Church of St. Spyridon chapel - located in the settlement of Peroj, near Pula.