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Funtana is a small tourist resort located between the cities of poreč and User. This area is considered the most rugged coastline of the Istrian Peninsula. In this part of the Peninsula is a large number of small Islands accessible only by boat and enjoy the views of unspoiled nature.

In Funtana enough beautiful beaches, crystal clear seawater, comfortable, inaccessible to an outsider of the Bay. On the opposite side of town lies the spacious meadows, forests, inhabited by wild animals, and infinitely beautiful in its variety of vegetation.

The resort is built on hills, rich in freshwater springs. Since ancient times local people had shortcomings in drinking water and fertile soil. The inhabitants of Funtana are always engaged in fishing and agricultural activities.

Funtana has retained all the features of a Mediterranean village. Bright colors, textured walls, floral patterns on buildings, balconies and stairs, covered with flowers, small fountains and water tanks - all this makes Fontano incredibly comfortable and attractive for tourists.

Interesting attractions in Pula include the parish Church of St. Bernard, which was built in 1621. After this it was restored and rebuilt many times. Inside the Church is decorated by unknown artists, but all the painting done in the style of the Venetian Baroque. This painting is considered the most valuable piece of ancient art on the territory of Funtana.

Also worth seeing is the castle-fortification built here during the Renaissance and is decorated in the Baroque style, and Church of Saint Lucia with a bell tower built in 1750. Interesting Church. Lady of mercy, 12-th century, located in the abandoned city cemetery, and the Carmelite Church of the virgin first half of 17th century.

If you are prone to physical activity and love sports, you can enjoy diving, sailing, Windsurfing, Cycling, horseback riding or Hiking. Fans to enjoy delicacies or just to eat will have no problems finding restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, cafes or bars - they Funtana huge amount.

Despite the fact that the Funtana is considered the small tourist town of the Adriatic, is a popular resort for travelers from around the world.