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Pedestrian street Korzo

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Almost parallel to the widest highways of the city of Rijeka under the name Riva is a pedestrian street Korzo, which starts from the square Jadranski-TRG. From this area it is well visible office building with a reddish hue, which was built after the First world war and was named Great Neboder, that is a Large skyscraper.

On the street Korzo are the most famous restaurants and shops in the city. Here is a nice walk with friends, meet by chance acquaintances of speaking with neighbors in the outdoor cafe. The main attraction of the Korzo street is considered an Urban tower, which in past centuries served as the entrance to the Old town. Subsequently, over the portal in the city wall and built a tower in the Baroque style and adorned it for hours. Therefore, the city residents call this building the tower "Under the clock" ("Under uniloy"). Originally the City tower was built on the seashore, only a couple of centuries ago, local residents fought a few dozen square meters of the sea, continuing the mainland due to the filled land. Thus, the City gate stood in the middle of a metropolis, and ceased to perform its direct function. The facade of the City tower decorated with images of the coat of arms of the Habsburgs and the two emperors of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

White, six-storey building at the intersection of Korzo and Adaricheva now converted into a shopping center. A little over a hundred years ago it was converted into a luxury hotel "Royal". This modernization of the city of Rijeka was obliged financier Francesco La Rochelle. In our time shopping centre on Korzo is still called the mansion Rochelle.

Looks interesting, three-storey mansion built in the mid XIX century, which is now the headquarters of the local radio.