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The Blaca Monastery

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Monastery blaca was founded in the 16th century by monks fleeing from the Turks. The monastery can be reached only on foot, that is even today the only means of transportation to the monastery are the mules or horses.

The monastery originates from the stone caves - the first refuge of priest Police and other ascetics who chose this place for prayer. On a steep cliff, a monastery was built, residential and farm buildings, surrounded by vast forests, vineyards and olive groves. Very surprised by the fact that in such severe climatic conditions the monks blaca was able to fight with wild nature and nizkoplodorodny the soil to grow rich crops for many centuries.

Monks from blaca the result of hard work managed to acquire a large manor and extensive agricultural land, collected a rich library. Also, the monastery contains a valuable collection of objects for astronomical research gathered by the hermit Don Nicol Milicevica, who died in 1963.

The monastery is a truly remarkable monument of human labour and endurance. It is exceptional in its historical, economic, artistic and scientific value. Deserts blaca can be called unique natural and cultural phenomenon, a wonderful corner of the world and memories.