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Stari Grad, lurking in one of the North-Western bays of the Hvar island, steeped in history. In the fourth century BC, this place was chosen for the habitat of immigrants from the Greek island of Paros. They initially called Stari Grad Pharos, the Romans changed its name to Faria, the name Hvar has assigned the Slavs. With the transfer of the administrative centre of the island to the South, in the modern town of Hvar, the local received its present name - Stari Grad. The perimeter of the city was surrounded by a defensive wall, the ruins of which are preserved near the Church of St. John, can be seen next to the remains of the city gate. In the South-Eastern part of the city during the archaeological excavations discovered the remains of houses and also genuine the lighthouse, built by the Greeks during their settlement.

The work performed allowed us to obtain information about the layout of a Greek city. Used was the ancient geometrical system of land division. Stari grad plain represents a comprehensive system of land use and agriculture organization practiced by Greeks in the 4th century BC. This system was first used vessels and gutter for rain water, increasing its effectiveness.

In Stari Grad still preserves many monuments from the early middle ages, one of which is the monastery of the Dominicans. Even this is more than would be enough for the historical glory of the town, but here you can still admire the Basilica of Saints John and Mary, many churches and a convent. Martyr Peter, built in 1481. Special attention deserves the tvrdalj castle. Its Creator - a famous writer-naturalist Peter Hektorovic - conceived no more, no less - a model of the universe. Pool patio symbolizes the water element, the floors are decorated with images of animals, and the wall with inscriptions - the abode of man, and the castle tower, looking up flying in the sky of divine beings. The castle was built by local masters, and in case of danger could serve as a shelter for residents of Stari Grad. This structure still causes surprise and admiration of visitors.

Today Stari Grad is like specially designed for a relaxing and comfortable stay. This place is a truly unique cultural and historical landscape is also a nature reserve. It will charm lovers of peace and leisurely forest walks. In addition, the ability of the natural Park attract mountaineers and climbers.