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The island of St. Nicholas

Photos and description

St. Nicholas island is one of the few inhabited Croatian Islands surrounding the town of poreč. You can reach it by boat or boat. These vessels ply the island from the Marina poreč quite often - every 15 minutes.

On the island of SV. Nicholas your eyes appear a real abundance of sights of nature. Every tourist can walk around the local fragrant forest, which stretches over a hilly area. Here you will meet different animals, e.g., rabbits, and squirrels, and enjoy the beautiful birds singing and a view of the gorgeous peacocks that freely roam the Park.

Various animals and birds appeared on the island in the nineteenth century. They were brought by order of the nobility, to brighten up the holidays. In the same period was built the castle, which is made in the Tuscan style. In addition, on the island of SV. Nicholas is a small lighthouse and an old tower.

If you will rest here, be sure to visit the beautiful beach of small pebbles. It was designated the European blue flag for the purity of water and coast.