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Samobor is a small town located not far from Zagreb. This is the second in size town of the Zagreb County after the town of Velika Gorica. The population of Zapresic is just over 50 thousand people.

Zaprešić is located in 13 kilometers to the West of the capital. The Slovenian border is 25 kilometers West of Zapreshich. The city is situated on the plain, in the valley of the river Sava, which is located to the North (at a distance of about two kilometers).

Zaprešić is surrounded by two rivers from the East and West (Sutla and Krapina), all of which are tributaries of the Sava. Despite the small area and not too big for the city population, the city has built several industrial enterprises.

Zaprešić itself consists of six historic castles and mansions, known as "the Way there". All the mansions and castles included in the UNESCO programme of preservation of cultural heritage. Here is preserved mansions famous Croatian families: Loznica, Laduca, Osica, as well as the palaces of Anusavice, Akovali and the village of Novi Households.

Novi Courtyards also known as the residence of Josip jelačić, Croatian political leader. Novi Courtyards is located near Zapresic, there remain grave jelačić and his family castle, which was built in 1611, and in 1934 moved to the state.

In Zapresic is the house-Museum of the Mathia Scoreni, which was opened in 1984. Scoreni - famous Croatian artist. The house-Museum of Scoreni is located in one of the barns Novi Yards, in fact, it is an art gallery. Since 1991, it is actively held exhibitions of various Croatian artists, such as Franjo Ferenchak, Ivan Lavrencic, Drago Gras, Davor vuković, Krešimir Trombetas and others.

Also Zapresic there is a library included in the Association of Zagreb city libraries, it has over five thousand members, and its Fund is about 80 thousand volumes. The library is located in the castle of Legnica.

In addition, there is a unique ornithological reserve "Sava" with a beautiful lake Sarki, it is located South of Zapreshich. The reserve is mainly covered with woods and thick low vegetation.