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Hum - one of the names “the smallest city in the world.” It really is a very small town with well-preserved architecture. It is located in the Northern part of Istria, near Buzet.

Currently, the hum is home to about twenty people in the late 19th century there were about one hundred. Walk through the city allows you to quickly understand why the city is called the smallest in the world. The reason is in miniature size all buildings of the city.

As you know its current form, the city has acquired in the XI century, that means from the time its territory, nothing was built. City gate, from which to start exploring the city, was built in 1562.

Among the attractions huma distinguish the Church of the assumption of Mary, built in 1802, the city walls and the Church of St. Jerome, built in the XII century.

The chapel of St. Jerome with frescoes, graffiti the Byzantine era and inscriptions in Glagolitic. The city walls are well preserved, as well as the castle, which was once in the Central part of the town square. On the main square is the parish Church. In academic circles there is debate, in honor of which Saint it was built. There are various options: the virgin Mary, saints Peter and Paul, St. Jerome and St. James.

I must say that huma architecture in General is atypical for other cities in Istria period of the Venetian Republic. It has features of construction areas and uncharacteristic of the period, the loggias.

In the Eastern part of the city is also the home of the artist, the owner of which is played for visitors on the guitar. The house is open to all comers. You will be able to enjoy the sound of the guitar and also purchase some artworks from a local collection.