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The Island Of St. Catherine

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St. Catherine's island - a small plot of land in the Croatian part of the Adriatic sea. It is located off the West coast of Istria, approximately 0.4 km South of Rovinj. In high season, between the island of St. Catherine and Ravines has good sea connections. To get to the island you can in 30 minutes. Boats run very frequently.

The area of the island of St. Catherine is 0,124 km sq it is Possible to say that the island has a fairly smooth topography: the highest hill, it has a height of only 23 feet above sea level.

In the nineteenth century, St. Catherine's island was acquired by the Archduke Karl Stephan, who owned it for a very short period of time. Then the island was bought by count Ignacy Milewski, who built here a mansion and laid a beautiful Park with gardens. From the former greatness of the Villa Milewski is little left. In 2000, renovated mansion that is now converted into a charming hotel, only open from April to October inclusive. The Park, planted in the nineteenth century, is also located in relative order.

Hotel "Ekaterina" is preferred by many guests visiting Rovinj. After all, on the island of St. Catherine, are the beautiful beaches, and the water near the shore features perfect transparency. By the way, swim at the local beaches, and guests from other hotels. Local beaches are mostly rocky. In some places, especially in the Northern part of the island, the cliffs drop steeply into the sea. The coastal strip with a length of 1.83 km limited pine groves, which create a unique microclimate.