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The town gate in Zadar - a symbol of former Venetian domination. With this gate, located near the waterfront, starts the Old town area. In 1543, the architect of Verona Sanmicheli erected gates, combining elements of Roman architecture with its Venetian style. Indeed, scholars of architectural history will immediately notice that the gate is decorated in a traditional Rome style. The massive structure is complemented by elements of the Renaissance (contemporary with the heyday of this style was the architect).

The town gate in Zadar - one of the four surviving gates, which are passages through the walls. To reach them you will need to cross a pedestrian bridge that connects the modern part of the city with the historical.

City gate is equipped with three entrances: the Central one in the form of an arch and lateral, each with a height of about 3 meters. Above the main entrance is the depiction of the winged lion - the symbol of the Venetian Republic, and above the side entrances secured the coat of arms of Zadar.

In addition, the gate is decorated with bas-reliefs depicting human faces and pillars. But attract the attention of all passers-by the inscriptions carved on stone tablets. Inscriptions tell the travellers that they arrived in the capital of Dalmatia, the city is well protected from any attack because it is under the patronage of the Holy Roman Empire and the most Serene city of Venice.

At the time, Zadar was indeed an impregnable fortress, which withstood countless attacks and sieges, but today the city gates are a monument of military glory of this city and a unique architectural structure with historical value and protected by the state.

The city gate of Zadar attract many tourists, even those who came to Dalmatia, to simply enjoy the warm seas and inviting beaches. All will certainly travel to Old town to admire the architecture and learn more about the history of the place in which they rest.