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Vidova Gora - the highest peak of the Adriatic Islands, its height is 778 feet above sea level. It was named in honor of the Saint, the Church of this Saint once stood on top of a hill, and now from it only ruins left. They are located eighty meters from the restaurant "Vidova Gora" - from the terrace you can see the Foundation of the North wall and part of the semicircular apse.

The Church was built in the 13th or 14th century, and in the stories about the island of brac was always referred to Vidova Gora. It went to many legends and told fantastic stories connected with the ancient Slavic God Slavedom. By the way, the names of many places on the island of brac is of Slavic origin.

Long before the arrival of the Slavs in the lands of the Adriatic sea, on the hills of the Species of the Illyrian Mountains, the inhabitants built a fortified city. The same which were built, the inhabitants were Bones that were located in Bol. They were built of improvised material, the kind of walls to protect themselves and their cattle from enemies. The remains of these walls can still be seen today.

The hill Vidova Mountain, where nowadays are located television antenna and a hotel with stone tables and benches, stunning views of the southern lands. Far below can be seen the vineyards and the green plain of bol, which when the wind fluctuate exactly the gold leaf. For Hvar, you can see the narrow channel that surrounds the fertile plains of the island and lies between the Old town on the West side of Vrboska and Jelsa on the East side, and ends with a long a gravel strip.

On a clear day, the lookout Mountain you can see the other Islands and mountains, which are located on the Peninsula pelješac, korčula, Vis and Bisevo. If the day is cloudless, it becomes possible to see the peaks of the Apennines. In the memory of the war at the top of the mountain hoisted a huge stone cross. In the winter, Vidova Gora is often covered with snow so that the roads become impassable. If strong winds that blow away the snow to the foot of the mountain, the inhabitants of the island the opportunity to enjoy walking and skiing.