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Paklinski Islands

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Pakleni Islands is a group of Islands and rocks near the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic sea. These limestone Islands are located near the town of Hvar, at a distance of less than a kilometer to the South. Fifteen of the Islands (Large and Small Vodnjak, Herb, Borovac, Pariani, Saint Clement, Vlaka, Goyza, Dobri island, Stampede, Marinkovac, Jerolim, Planickova, Galesnik, the Late Dol) and five rocks (Big and Small Plocica, Baba, Lengua and Carbon) comprise a chain length of about ten kilometers. Currents around the Islands are strong enough and narrow passageways that does not allow large vessels to stick to the coast.

The largest island is St. Clement with an area of 94 sq. m, also called Big. There are three settlements: Palmižana, Momica Polje, Vlaka. In Palmizana there is a large, well protected Marina. The sandy beach here is situated in a very beautiful Bay surrounded by pine forest and Heather fields. Since the early 20th century Palmižana is a favorite place of recreation for residents of the island of Hvar. There is a hotel, Museum and gallery. Nearest to the town of Hvar, Jerolim island named after a Saint, the Church which once stood here, but has long been destroyed. This island is the most loved by naturists.

Paklinski Islands known as Hell. The roots of this name go into antiquity, when there on the barren ground cooked resin, which impregnated the wood of the ships. This lesson was accompanied by a huge plume of smoke that had clouded all around. This sight reminded observers of hell's kitchen. However, the words "hell" and "resin" in the Croatian language are written the same way, which also could cause mass confusion about the name of these Islands.

In our days the Paklinski Islands are one of the most popular European resorts for Nude recreation. The coastline of the Islands, indented by numerous bays, pebble and sandy beaches also attracts fans of diving, various water sports and underwater hunting. Ply between the Islands water taxi, which gives the walks a special charm. On the Islands there are restaurants, treated guests to delicious traditional cuisine.

To reach the Islands, you can hire a boat or take the daily passenger ferry departing from the town of Hvar.