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Vela Luka is the largest town on Korcula island. It is located on the West side, in the center devyatikilometrovy Bay which is a safe port for sailors and its shore is indented with numerous coves. At the entrance to the Bay on a small island is the most beautiful beach of the Adriatic 2007 version of the British newspaper "daily Telegraph".

Catamarane and ferry lines connect Vela Luka with split, bus to Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Sarajevo. The city offers many Hiking and Cycling routes for active leisure there is diving centers and diving schools.

Agritourism facilities may also find yourself busy: in Vela Luka, a thriving business that is associated with the production and sale of olive oil. Here it is most developed in the Adriatic region. To learn about the intricacies of the manufacture of olive oil, you should see the collection of olive oil and its production "Zlokic".

These places were already inhabited in prehistoric times, evidenced by the results of archaeological excavations "Vela Spila". Vela Spila is one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe. Natural form large caves is fascinating in itself, but this unique location makes the fact that it was inhabited 20,000 years ago. Here were found the earliest sculpture of a horse is the most informed piece of art throughout the Adriatic. In the summer months the cave is open to the public. The finds of Vela saw Cut exposed in the Vela Luka cultural centre, there holds a substantial collection of contemporary art.

Five kilometers from Vela Luka, Gradina Bay, sheltered from the wind, pebble beaches and shallow sandy seabed. On the South side of the Bay is the little Church of St. John Dating from the 15th century.

In the summer months, Vela Luka festival, Lusko Lito is a cultural and entertainment event during which concerts and performances, as well as ancient dances. The most attractive for tourists are folklore evenings, where, for example, you can see kumpaniyu - dance with swords.