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Fort Bourguignon

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Fort Bourguignon is one of many fortresses in Pula in the second half of the XIX century to protect the fleet and the city from attacks by sea. Fort - a fortress built in the inner ring of fortifications. Builders expect that the ring radius of 2.5 kilometers will protect the most vulnerable part of Pula.

Originally the Fort was named for Antoine von Baumberg, Austrian Admiral, commander of the naval fleet. The appearance of Fort was designed by the Archduke Maximilian in the 1820-ies. He, in turn, was inspired by the famous tower of Mortella. The main structure of Fort also has a ring shape. The corridors of the Fort is quite narrow and paved with white stone.

Circles of the fortress do not have the same shape and size. The old fortifications, built between 1851 and 1855 is much smaller and weaker than those that were built a decade later.

Before the bridge over a small canal to the Fort, and mounted two guns. There are still some openings in the walls of the Fort to fire on the enemy.

The ceiling of the Fort was kept on the massive oak beams, and the roof served as a platform for artillery. The entrance to the Fort is protected by a defensive moat. The building is surrounded by green trees and shrubs, and the walls of the Fort overlooking the town and sea.