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Museum of divorces

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Museum of divorces, otherwise known as the ' Museum of broken relationships, located in the capital of Croatia - Zagreb. In this unusual Museum presents evidence of broken relationships and lost love. In 2011, the Museum of divorces was voted "European Museum of the year" and received a special award from Kenneth Hudson.

The founders of the Museum are artists Olinka Vistica and her former partner Drazen, Grubisic who decided to keep the evidence of their relationship, their happy moments in one certain place. Gradually the Museum collection was supplemented with items provided by other former couples. All exhibits, symbolizing the breakup or the past love between two people, were sent from various parts of the world including the most remote. Often the exhibits have a tragi-comic character and represent unrealized combines dreams, desires, as well as "proof" and vows in sincere love. Each exhibit of the Museum of divorces have abstract written in Croatian and English, which tells the story of this evidence.

Since August 2007 the collection of the Museum participated in the road show visited the following countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa and the USA. In November 2010 the Museum moved to Zagreb.

In the Museum there is a cafe where you can relax after visiting the exhibition.