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Old gate

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The old gate is one of the most ancient monuments located on the territory of the city of Rijeka. Many believe that the gate was built as part of the fortress wall that once surrounded the city.

But, oddly enough, among researchers there is no common opinion about what actually was this gate and what the purpose was. Scientists have put forward and put forward a variety of versions, you need to consider that the study of this question lasts from the XVI century.

One of the earliest versions put forward by researchers of the monument, was that the Old gate served as a triumphal arch. Proponents of this version claim that it was erected by the Roman Emperor Claudius. Also quite a viable hypothesis that the building functioned as the city's main gate, making the vocabulary of the inhabitants of Rijeka preserved the expression "Stara Vrata".

Later, the archaeologist Mate Suich suggested that the Old gate served as the entrance to one of the Roman Praetorium, located on the territory of Rijeka. The arguments that led Suits quite convincing. He pointed to the bas-reliefs that adorn the arch, rather than on their location: all reliefs are turned to the sea and not to the city.