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The Temple Of Augustus

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The temple of Augustus is one of the few surviving buildings Dating back to the times of the Roman Empire. The temple was dedicated to Emperor Augustus. Dimensions are 8 by 18 meters.

Once at the temple there was an inscription with information about the consecration, she was made of bronze letters. But until today, the inscription has not survived, there are only mounting holes. Such inscriptions were a standard design option. Here, as in other temples of Augustus it was written "Roma. August. The son of the goddess. The father of the nation". This inscription indicates that originally this temple was consecrated in honor of the goddess Roma, the patron Saint of the city of Rome. Later, apparently, the temple was pereosvyaschen honor of Augustus.

The Church was preserved thanks to the fact became a Church. In the early nineteenth century the Church was used as a granary. After this there was a Museum of sculpture of stone. In 1944, during the war the building was bombed quite severely and destroyed it. But three years later the temple was completely reconstructed.

Near the temple of Augustus are the ruins of the temple of the twin of this structure. From the second temple there was only one of the walls. It is believed that the second temple was built in the same era and according to legend was built in honor of the goddess Diana.