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Medvednica - the name of the mountain range and its natural Park, located to the North of the Croatian capital city of Zagreb. The highest point of Medvednica is mount Sleme, the height of which is 1033 meters. This mountain range is a popular place of recreation for residents of the capital.

In the Central part of the Park Medvednica there are numerous roads, hotels, historical monuments and elements of infrastructure (restaurants, shops), so visitors may get the impression that they are in a regular city Park. In Medvednica nature Park is found about a thousand different species of plants, hundreds of species of birds and various animals and insects.

The natural Park covers an area of approximately 240 sq. km mostly in the Park there are beech and fir forest. On top of the mountain Sleme is Zagreb TV tower with a height of 169 m To the summit can be reached by highway or by cable car. Located immediately of the same name gornolyzhny resort is recognized as the best in the Northern part of Croatia. On the Northern and Eastern slopes of Medvednica are ski slopes with different degrees of complexity. On the Northern slope of the regularly held international slalom competitions.

One of the main attractions of natural origin is a cave Veternica located in the South-Western part of Medvednica. The cave has a length equal to 7 128 meters, but for safety reasons visitors can visit only the first 380 meters. In the cave interesting cave drawings, traces of life of primitive people, about 42 thousand years old and colonies of bats. Also in Veternica you can admire stalactites and stalagmites, the most interesting of which have their own names and highlighted.

Another attraction of Medvednica is Zrinski mine, representing an underground mine, corridors, and quarrying, the development of which began in the 15th century.

On the southern slope of the massif are located Medvedgrad fortress built in the 13th century by the decision of Pope innocent IV after the hordes of the Mongols destroyed the capital. However, the impregnable fortress was never attacked by the enemy. Today, in Zagreb you can enjoy from the observation deck of the fortress from the height of 500 meters.