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Krka national Park

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National Park Krka river is one of the most popular national parks in Croatia. It is located between the cities of Å¡ibenik and Knin in the valley of the river Krka. In 1985, Krka became a national Park.

There are more than 860 types of plants, some of them are endemic. In the river Krka, there are more than 18 different fish species (10 endemics). In addition, the Park is home to many species of birds in the Park are spring and autumn migration routes of migratory birds that will be very interesting for ornithologists.

The Park is located seven picturesque waterfalls. The largest of them is recognized as the Skradinski Buk waterfall. Its height is 46 meters. The smallest is the waterfall Rusnak (8 meters). In addition, there are waterfalls Miljacka, Manojlovic, Bilusic Beech, Brian, and Rosca Slap.

Visiting the Park in one of the tourist trips you can also explore major sights of this area - the Visovac monastery and the Serbian monastery of Krka. The Visovac monastery was built on a small island of the same name. It was founded by the Augustinians in the 14th century. Serbian monastery founded in the 14th century and during its history has been repeatedly destroyed by the Turks almost to the ground. In 2001, the monastery was completely restored.

Don't forget to visit the ethnographic Museum, located near the Skradinski Buk waterfall. It exhibits a kind of water-mills, as well as unusual "washing machine" that runs on energy that comes from a waterfall.