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Gate Of Pile

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Gate of pile is located at the Western entrance to the old part of Dubrovnik. As a rule, begins with them acquainted with this Croatian city.

Gate of pile is located on the former site of the Fort Saw that was standing there with 972. It was demolished in 1818, but the gates of the fortress remained. The outer gate was built in 1573 in the Renaissance style and had a semicircular top. Above the gate is a statue of St Blasius, is the patron Saint of Dubrovnik. At the gate ends in a stone bridge with three arches along the fence of the bridge are of the bench. The bridge was built in 1471 by the city engineer Pascoe Milicevic, whose name is associated with the emergence of many of the buildings in Dubrovnik. In the days of the Republic the wooden bridge was lit for the night and lowered again, passing suburbanites and merchants.

The inner gate was built in the main city wall. They were built in the form of a Gothic arch in 1460, more than a simple gate from the 13th century. Carved on the gate of the statue of St Blasius was made one of the best Croatian sculptors of the 20th century, Ivan Mestrovic.

City gate may be locked, the key to it is stored in the Prince's Palace of Dubrovnik.

The name of the former fortress here the Western outskirts of the city called "Peel". This word is of Greek origin and in translation from Croatian language means "door".