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Vrboska adorns the Northern coast of Hvar, it is the smallest town on the island. Located on both sides of the Bay, which is blocked by bridges, he received a second name - "Small Venice". Surrounded by a thick pine forest, it is literally awash in sunlight. Vrboska is called the treasure of the island of Hvar.

Founded in the 15th century as a fishing Harbor, Vrboska has arisen not on an empty place. The area was inhabited in ancient times, as evidenced by the ancient ruins of a Roman building. Early settlement was called Urbani, from which was formed the current name Vrboska.

The oldest building is St. Peter's Church - was built before the 14th century. After the attack on the city in 1510 by the Venetian troops, and after the Turkish invasion of 1571, the local inhabitants had to fortify the Church of St. Mary, thus appeared unique to the Islands, the fortified Church. The parish Church of St. Lawrence - the patron Saint of the town, erected in 1571 and restored in the 17th century, famous for its main altar, which is decorated with works by Paolo Veronese and Ivan Rendich. Not less interesting are the paintings of Venetian masters: Titian, Bassano, Cagliari, Alberdi and others.

Modern Vrboska consists of two parts - Eastern and Western. The typical Mediterranean look of the small houses of local architecture blends with buildings in Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic old town. Rich villas on one side of the canal and the old Church on the other give this place a special charm and warmth. The rocky coast of the Bay with stone slabs alternated with great pebble beaches. Nudist beaches are located on nearby Vrboska island of Zečevo. In addition, guests Vrboska guaranteed excellent conditions for practicing yachting, Windsurfing, scuba diving and other sports on the water.

Gourmets will surely appreciate freshly caught fish and local vegetables with aromatic herbs and homemade olive oil.