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Oblique tower

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Oblique tower in Rijeka was built by the Venetians. Immediately was used as a bell tower and belonged to the Church of the ascension of the virgin Mary.

The tower is located near the main entrance to the Church of the virgin Mary, but still considered a separate structure. And not only because it is separated from the main building, but just because they were built in another time (14th century) and in a different style.

The name "Oblique tower" was due to the fact that from the time the structure is slightly bent to the side. Due to the unusual external features of the tower in Rijeka is known throughout the world because it is among other famous "falling" tower.

The history of the construction of Oblique tower is also quite remarkable. In the I century on the site of this tower housed the public thermal baths. A place for the complex was chosen because nearby river. Lasted a thermal complex to the IV century, after that, there was built a new building, used it for the same purpose. Later, in V-VI centuries, this place was given to the Christians. They started to be Christian religious Assembly. The construction of the bell tower was completed in 1377.