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The dragon's cave in Murvica

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The dragon's cave in Murvica, and decorative reliefs - a magnificent monument of the cave monastery from the 15th century.

The cave is located 200 meters above the town of Murvica. In the 15th century it served as both a house and a temple Police monk, who led here a solitary life, as in those days the southern slopes of the island was uninhabited. Police managed to glorify the monastery, built in the cave and build it on the same level with such skits as deserts Silvio (Dubrovitsy), which is located to the West of the Dragon caves, deserts Stipancic in the Southeast and desert Dutic and Dracheva West of port Murvica.

Also in the monastery (Dragon cave) marked the beginning of a save in the form of manuscripts the spiritual history of the nation in which Polic tried to refute the pagan view of the world and to acquaint the descendants with true Christian teaching. From the cave offers a wonderful view of the Mediterranean sea; and here, surrounded by the extraordinary beauty and tranquility of the monastery were kept and carefully transferred to a spiritual chronicle of the Glagolitic. So, to have survived a rare example of Croatian Glagolitic - Missal 1483, which is now kept in the Dominican Museum in Bol.

Now about the cave invent many myths and legends to attract tourists. Tell the Slavic myths about fairies, werewolves, witches, horror about orcs, stories about one-eyed giant, who allegedly lives in a cave. In a Dragon cave present a unique and alluring world, I dream of the impossible.