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The Kamerlengo Fortress

Photos and description

Fortress Kamerlengo fortress, performed in the XIII-XV centuries, the role of the naval base on the Adriatic sea. Now the fortress is a historical Museum under the open sky, as well as a multimedia center. Also Kamerlengo is often used as a venue for filming historical subjects.

Once the fortress was surrounded by a moat and was connected with a round tower, which bears a name revered in Croatia St Mark's. In the era of Venetian rule over the fortress housed the impressive size of the Palace of the Consul, the Governor of the Venetian Empire.

The main part of the structure dates from the late fourteenth century, and the walls received its present form during the Venetian rule. The construction of the fortress consulted an architect, structural engineer Pichine Lorenzo, work on the construction of the fortress was led by the master Marino his pigeon radoje. In 1437, the fortress was used for the quartering of the military.

Now preserved the walls connecting the three towers. From the roof of the fortress offers a beautiful view of the sea. In summer there are cultural events and are theatrical actions.

The Kamerlengo fortress is one of the most visited in Trogir attractions. Many tourists love to photograph the old town opening from the walls of the fortress, especially at sunset.