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Mali lošinj back in the 12th century became a place in the Bay of St. Martin in the East of the island of lošinj, where dwelt a dozen families of herders and farmers. Later the whole village turned to fishing, shipbuilding and navigation, causing the village to become a naval town.

Because of the crisis of navigation in connection with the replacement of sailing ships by steamships, the fate of Mali lošinj and other towns with a similar history could have been sad. However, identifying a beneficial effect of the island climate on the health of tourists and development of tourism have opened new prospects.

Today Mali lošinj is the largest island town on the Adriatic coast, known almost all European tourists, as evidenced by the annual influx of visitors who seek to visit the island and see its sights. Due to this interest, Mali lošinj was in 2007 year, the champion for tourism, and in 2009, earned the Silver flower of Europe tourism top prize, awarded annually to the most green, clean and environmentally friendly towns and villages of Europe, which was founded by the European Association for flowers and landscapes. This is not surprising, because the city almost drowned in greenery. The streets decorated with palms and cedars, and the houses flowering bougainvillea.

At the beginning of the old town is the area of the Republic of Croatia, where in 1960-m to year was a fountain that copy set in the town of Cres. Rising from a square on the main street of brac Vidulich, you can see the Church of the Nativity, as it holds paintings by Venetian artists, as well as the unique crucifixion, created by Bartolomeo Ferrari. A wonderful collection of paintings, over the years, collected by poet Andre is a Kind of Michican and doctor Giuseppe Piperata, lovers of art offers the exhibition of the local House of culture. St. Martin's Church was dedicated to the sailors on her cemetery their final resting place many of them and found.

Hiking trail leading from Mali lošinj to Veli lošinj, laid along the coast. A short boardwalk in the shadow of fluffy pine trees takes about an hour, during the walk you can swim at the beaches, which are surrounded by bizarre rock formations.

Gourmets will love the local delicacies. Roasted lamb and many fish dishes are particularly popular with visitors to the island.