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Pakoštane - a tiny tourist town in Croatia, belongs to the Zadar County. There are more than four thousand inhabitants, most of whom are Croats.

Location is unique - on the one hand it is washed by the waves of the Adriatic sea, and on the other it rises to the Vransko lake, which is only six kilometers. Territorial reorganization in Croatia Pakoštane was a large part of the municipality of Biograd na Moru. The picturesque surroundings Pakoštane are four parks on a national scale and two parks.

The history of this village goes back to antiquity, when in its place was a Roman settlement. Today it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Croatia.

In Pakoštane there is a school dedicated to training professional majorettes - girls participating in parades. The school was opened in 1996, since then the pupils have participated in competitions and festivals. Pakostanska majorettes wearing marine uniforms, in addition, they are holding Golden rods, and it is the only European dancer, equipped in a similar way.

The city has several ancient churches. Near Pakoštane are three small Islands, which locals call "Faith", "Hope", "Love".