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Red island

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Red island (or the island of SV. Andrew) is located in the Croatian part of the Adriatic sea near Rovinj. The island is one of the important sightseeing points for the tourists. Its area 0,144 square kilometers and a coastline equal to two kilometers.

It is known that in the VI century on the island of St. Andrew was built a Benedictine monastery, which had been empty for two centuries. In the X century, the island was occupied by the Franciscans, and later the territory of the red Islands used as locations for the production of vegetable oil and the cultivation of lime. Also on the island was working the cement plant.

A key role in the development of the island was played by the Georg von Hutterott that in 1890, acquiring the fertile lands of the island of St. Andrew and will begin active work on the restoration of the Benedictine monastery. As a result, the monastery becomes a Palace, and the background Hutteroth continues to invest in the island and on the ruins of the cement plant, there is another green oasis.

In the summer of 2002, the flora of the island was seriously damaged because of the tornado. The same fate befell the forests of the neighbouring Islands. So Red the island today appears to us in a significantly "abridged" than it was before.