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The Fortress Of SV. Nicholas

Photos and description

Fortress St. Nicholas is located on a small island, it was built in XVI century to protect the city from attack from the sea. To get to the fortress is not so easy, but it's worth it.

The road to it passes through the little village of Zablace, along the way to the village you will meet a small lake located in a picturesque place. At the end of the route you will be taken to the sea, where everyone will have the opportunity to swim.

To get to the castle itself you need to move a few water bridges and a small island. The jumper is located between the shore and the island is the most difficult part of the journey. Here you will have to change, because the crossing of the river in the month of June will occur on an ankle in water. The bottom in this place is dotted with pretty sharp and slippery stones. Usually warn tourists about the need to take spare shoes. For this purpose, is perfectly suitable rubber sandals and special shoes for swimming.

The island on which are the ruins of various military installations the length is about one hundred meters, it is fully covered with pine trees which provide shade and hide the remains of buildings. After seeing the ruins, you can relax in the shade of pines and enjoy the warm sea breeze. The second jumper between the fortress and the island fairly quickly overcome, the water there is almost no possible to move large stones. Then you just have to climb the hill and you will see the fortress of St. Nicholas.

The fortress was built of white stone, at the top of the hill there are a few buildings for military purposes. You can see the fortress from below. The Central wall of the limestone, it preserved columns with carved designs and various architectural elements. Also the tourists have the opportunity to climb to the roof of the fortress and explore the local beauty from a height.