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Castle Gomilica

Photos and description

Castle Gomilica was built by the monks Benedictines of the split in the first half of the 16th century. For the construction they chose a small island, a few meters distant from the land. Subsequently, the castle was connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge.

The Benedictines built the castle in order to protect farmers working on their lands in the Western part of the coast. In official documents the castle was called Abadessa, but the locals called it Gomilica. Most likely, it was the name the island on which the castle was erected.

Externally, the castle is quite unusual. In the southern part of the courtyard is a high lookout tower, which is the main entrance to the castle. From the entrance are wide stone bridge, built much later than the castle.

On both sides the tower is surrounded by two and three-story buildings with fancy shapes of roofs, covered with tiles and stone. In the village, which is located opposite the castle is the old Church of St. Jerome, built in the 1600s.

In the same village lovers of ancient architecture can see the Romanesque Church of saints Cosmas and Damian, which was built here around the 12th century. In documents from 1495, the Church is called the first parish Church in the area.