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The Island Kosljun

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The island Kosljun, almost perfectly round, which is rightly considered one of the most interesting places of the island of Krk, located in Banatska Gulf, in the middle of it.

A form gives a special and almost mystical aura of this amazing place. Here in 1447, the year settled by Franciscan monks and is still in the local monastery, the lives of several monks. They take care of the Park that surrounds the monastery, and follow a small Museum organized in one of the monastery buildings. It houses a collection of unique items, relics, and various objects of antiquity.

Despite its long history, the monastery Church has preserved the beauty and grandeur. Particularly striking altar, decorated with paintings of the work of Girolamo da Santacroce. Another unique work of art is a work depicting the scene of judgment, it is highly ambitious and realistic, which belongs to the brush Guetta. At the entrance to the monastery, next to the small dock, visitors can see an unusual sculpture of a monk who, according to ancient legend, tamed the wolf.

Shady alleys of the convent garden give travelers the peace and tranquility. In the vicinity of monks ' cells is a small beach where you can swim in the perfectly clear waters of the Gulf, to plunge into the atmosphere of peace and quiet that is so hard to find in our vain time.

The local restaurants offer a rich choice of fish dishes and local specialities. Beautiful pine forest stretches along the coast, which was recently built a tourist camp. Kosljun, that once had the status of an important port, is now an ideal place for lovers of quiet family holiday.

To get to the island Kosljun you can use tourist boats, many of which were moored on the main quay of the city of Punat.