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The Sponza Palace

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The Sponza Palace is one of the architectural monuments of Dubrovnik. The Palace was built under the direction of Pascoe Milicevic in the years 1516-1521. The Palace building in the Gothic style with elements of style of the early Renaissance. In 1667 the Sponza Palace was seriously damaged in the earthquake. Reconstruction lasted for 30 years.

Initially it was assumed that the Palace is the residence of the Prince. Until 1808 the building of the Palace was fulfilled precisely this role, when the French Marshal Auguste Marmont was abolished the Republican form of government in Dubrovnik.

During the Republic the building was used for other purposes. At different times there was the Treasury, customs school, a mint and a Bank. There were also "Academy consonants" representing the meeting of highly educated people and poets who performed in the Palace Sponza scientific and literary discussions.

Today in Sponza Palace the state archive is located and the municipal Museum, which contains a large amount of valuable from the point of view of the history of the documents. Here is a statue of Miho Pracata, a rich sailor, bequeathed in the 17th century as their Republic. This is the only monument that was constructed during the time of the Dubrovnik Republic.

The Sponza Palace is located on the left side of the Bed. Since 1950, before the building of the Palace is held annually, the Dubrovnik summer festival.