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Lopar is a famous resort town on the Croatian island of RAB, with its sandy beaches and the exceptional beauty of nature. Lopar tourist tradition for more than hundred years, the resort has repeatedly been awarded various prestigious awards.

In addition to the wonderful conditions for beach holidays, Lopar boasts an extensive historical heritage. There was found abundant evidence of ancient settlements of the Paleolithic period ruins and mounds of the Illyrian tribes, the traces of the Greek colonization, the presence of the Celts and Roman rule. Interesting finding are Roman pottery kiln, both stationary and mobile, indicating an intensive life in Roman antiquity. With them discovered the remains of walls of ancient buildings and many pieces of household ceramics, which gives reason to think about staying here a large pottery workshop.

In Lopar there are some beautiful old churches. Parish Church of St John the Baptist is located in the centre of the city. Here celebrated masses in different languages to the concerts of the choir, singers of traditional Dalmatian songs, classical music. Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary is mentioned in the records of the 14th century, it is surrounded by pine trees on a hill near the ferry terminal. The temple is a carved wooden altar, decorated with the image of St. Anne, mother of virgin Mary holding little Mary, are located around the offerings of model ships and women's scarves.

The remains of the Church of St. Nicholas, built by the sailors, still visible on the Cape Sorinj. The place is a landmark - the Cape stands in the way of severe Bura wind, dangerous for ships. To protect them, the locals built a Church named after the patron Saint of sailors. Built is single-nave building with a semicircular apse was in the later middle Ages.

A small chapel of St. Rocco lies in the valley Lopar South of the main road. The walls of the chapel were built of limestone and Sandstone. St. Rocco's men were revered as the protector against the plague and other diseases, and the island of RAB was several times in its history ravaged by plague.

Lopar attracts and experts to explore unusual geomorphological forms. Geomorphological garden Lopar, part of the Geopark island of RAB is rich in geological sites and rare flora. Here you can see many fossils, rocks, special forms, geological profiles, which attracts attention with its originality.