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Village Skrip

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Scrip village has less than 200 inhabitants; the name itself comes from the Latin word Scorpus, which means "sharp bare rock". This is not surprising as the village Strip located inside of the Islands among rocky hills.

One of the attractions of the village is a Museum located in the tower of Radojkovic. It is built on the foundations of a Roman mausoleum that was part of the famous cyclopean walls. Legend has it that buried in the mausoleum Prisca and Valeria, the wife and daughter of the famous Emperor Diocletian. In the Museum you can see a large number of Roman tombstones, altars and reliefs with Christian motifs and everyday objects of the inhabitants of the island of brac: photos, newspaper clippings, agricultural tools and so on.

Many buildings in the old part of the village of stone, covered with white roofs, which is typical for homes located in rural areas of the island of brac. In the Central square of the village is the parish Church of St. dira (18th century), where you can see some valuable paintings of Palma the Younger and two wooden altar.

Nearby is the castle Cerinic (16th century). The castle has a rectangular shape; one side is a defensive tower, the walls of which are covered with bushes of capers. Immediately behind the castle is the Church of the Holy spirit, built in the 4th century. And at the entrance to the village you can see ruins of an early Christian Church of the Holy Core, Dating from the 6-7 centuries, and the abandoned quarry of the Roman era, where marble was mined for the construction of the Palace in split.