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Supetar, the largest village on brac island, with 3,500 inhabitants. It is in the center of the island. One of the main attractions of the village is the Church of the Annunciation of the virgin Mary, Dating from the 18th century. The Church adjoin such buildings as Leroy (the bell tower with the clock) and the Church Museum, at the entrance to which is a sculpture of St. Victor's work, the sculpture of Peter Akich. Inside the Church is an altar dedicated to the virgin Mary and the saints, the work of local painter Felix Tironi (1722 - 1808), and the organ made by Peter Nakisa in 1737.

The modern Church building was built on the foundations of an early Christian Basilica dedicated to St. Peter, to whom the town owes its name.

The white dome of the mausoleum of the family Petrinovic, built in neo-Byzantine style, rises above the village of Supetar. The mausoleum is in the cemetery next to the Church of St. Nicholas. Next to it is also two sarcophagi of the early Christian period. Many of the tombstones in the cemetery are works of the sculptor Ivan Randika (1849-1932): the Pieta on the grave of Mihovil Francovich, the monument at the grave of Rinaldo Gulich, as well as the mausoleum of the family Radnic.

The Church of San martín, built in the 18th century, located in the Central square of the city. On the outskirts of Supetar is the Church of St Luke, Dating from the turn of 11-12 centuries.

Supetar surround, mostly olive plantations and vineyards, in contrast to the rest of the brač island, a rocky and almost devoid of vegetation.