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Octogon - the building owned by the first Croatian savings Bank. Oktogon was built in 1901. This attraction is located in downtown of Croatian capital city of Zagreb.

The building was designed by Josip Vankala. Interior finish of the Octogon patterned European cities of the time were built the first in Zagreb octagonal dome made of glass and decorated with stained glass.

Octogone passage is based on the type of passes with two entrances. The building has a shopping arcade with numerous shops, the Central hall has three floors, its roof is an octagonal dome, after whom the landmark was named. Using Octogonal passage connected to the Flower square and the main street of the capital of Croatia - Ilica. Floors Aktionscode passage is covered with square tiles of two colors, on the borders of the tiles laid square.

Today in the courtyard of the Octogon you can see the monument to the dog. According to legend, during the construction of the building of the first Croatian savings Bank in the building roamed a starving dog tamed fed his workers.