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Dobrinj is the oldest place on the island of Krk, which is the year 1100. The town is located on the East coast, at altitude, surrounded by Fig and chestnut groves. It was founded during the Roman Empire. Now he is known as an important mediaeval Glagolitic centre of writing. Since that time numerous churches, including the Church of St. Vitus, next to which was signed the most important Croatian Glagolitic monument - the contract of donation Dragoslava Glorious, and the Church of St. Stephen, mention of which is contained in this document.

In the city Museum presents the ethnographic collection tells about the times before and after the reign of the Frankopan. Dobrinj is fairly considered a Museum city.

Near the stairs leading from the main square to the city garden, there is a stone figure, resembling a horse's head with two distinctive holes. It is believed that in the days of Venetian rule, "horse's head" served as a measure of length, and hole - measures of wheat and oil, which were used in the collection of taxes. On the opposite side of the square is Mascaron - stone human head. It was created by an unknown master in 1738.

Despite the fact that the port is nearby Shiloh, the inhabitants of Dobrynya more confident feel on the hill, offering magnificent view of the sea bays and the mountain ranges of Velebit. The city wall was here replaced by walls of marginal homes. Now the town is known for its picturesque traditional costumes, folk performances and traditional home-cooked meals. Narrow rocky streets lined with stone houses, imbued with the spirit of bygone days.