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Maritime Museum and Aquarium

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Near the Cathedral of Dubrovnik is St. John's Fort - the citadel, built within the fortress walls in the southern part of Dubrovnik. Its main purpose was to protect the city harbour from attacks. She appeared in the city in 1346. This is a semi-circular monumental structure, on the ground floor which originally housed the powder magazine. In our days, these rooms filled Aquarium, which contains representatives of the water world of the Mediterranean. The star of the Aquarium is the turtle at the pool, where all the guests throw coins for luck.

Above the Aquarium is the Maritime Museum. First exhibition dedicated to the Maritime history of Dubrovnik, took place here in 1941. It was founded by the local marine club. Currently, the Museum is a branch Museum of the City of Dubrovnik. The permanent exhibition of the Maritime Museum was established in 1986. It includes models of ships of the XVII-XIX centuries, flags, cannons, navigational tools, captain's logs, maps, documents, books. There are also a lot of archival materials. The highlight of the collection is the collection of the chests of the ship's doctors. Some copies were made in the XIX century and do not look very presentable. These chests have been with their owners on a long voyage and now live their lives in the Windows of the Museum.

In recent years, the Maritime Museum hosted several temporary exhibitions. For example, the big success of the exhibition "Shipbuilding tradition in Dubrovnik", "Dubrovnik and the New world", "wooden shipbuilding Heritage in Croatia" etc.