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Dolac Market

Photos and description

The Dolac market is the main market in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. The market is located near Luciceva square in the place where it joins the two historic district: Gradec and Kaptol. The square and market are separated from each other by wide stairs.

The Zagreb market appeared in the 1930-ies. To this day it remains the most famous and visited market in the Croatian capital. The Dolac market is divided into two zones: the traditional outdoor Bazaar located upstairs, and an indoor market, which is located in the lower part.

In Croatian "Dolac" refers to a depression, however, endowed with this name market is a very colourful and atmospheric place. This market is very neat and clean, and much of the products grown by the merchants.

In the center of the Dolac market is a sculpture dedicated to the trade. This bronze statue depicts ordinary Croatian the tired woman with basket on her head.

Dolac is considered one of the best markets in Europe, it is popular with tourists and locals. Close to many restaurants and cafes.