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Minceta Tower

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Minceta tower is the highest point North of the fortress of Dubrovnik, which, in turn, is one of the most famous points of protection of Dubrovnik on land. To date, the Minčeta tower firmly taken the place of the symbol of the city.

The castle and tower is named after an aristocratic family of Dubrovnik, Minceta, who sacrificed their land for construction.

The tower has impressive size and circular shape, and its base is wide and sturdy. Due to its height and considerable size the tower dominates the North-Western part of the city and high walls of the fortress. Support teeth of the fortress is provided by stone consoles. The parapet serves an aesthetic rather than defensive function. This means that the tower in the Republic of Dubrovnik was almost unbreakable stronghold.

From the Minceta tower, the highest point of Dubrovnik offers a splendid view of the city, located on one side between the steep slopes of the mountains and the open sea on the other.

The construction of the tower took place in two stages. The original square-shaped tower was built in 1319 by Nikifor Ranginui. After the fall of Constantinople, which happened in 1453, it was decided to rebuild the towers in the round. This decision was taken in 1455, but because of the epidemic of plague exercise plan began only in the year 1461. The project has developed one of the most famous European architects Michelozzo di Bartolomeo of Florence. It is built around the existing square towers round sloping bulwarks, thereby adapting them to new methods of warfare. The new walls had a thickness equal to six feet, were drilled specifically designed for guns.

In 1463, the construction has accelerated since neighboring Bosnia was captured by the Turks. After Michelozzo for the construction of the fortress Minceta took Yuri Dalmatians, which adjusted the appearance of the towers and made them higher. The Minčeta tower was completed in 1464. To this day it is a symbol of the invincibility of Dubrovnik.