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The blue cave

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Near the island of Vis is a small piece of land called the island of biševo. Daily from the main port of the island of Vis - Komiža - biševo pier depart dozens of tourist vessels. Above the port there is a small village and two interesting grotto. But most people arrive on the island biševo, for the sake of other attractions - Blue cave. It is on the East of the island.

Bishevskaya the Blue cave is one of the most famous natural tourist sites of the Adriatic sea. Its popularity is due to the following: for a few hours in the day, the cave is completely filled with water is lit up by unusual blue lights. Sunlight streams into the cave through the natural entrance, located in the southern part of the cave under water. To get to the grotto can only be on a small boat through the artificial hole made using dynamite Baron Eugene von Ransone - known painter, first discovered in the 80-ies of the XIX century this Blue cave. New sight immediately began to show its tourists steamship company Lloyd. Since the flow of tourists to the cave is not reduced.

Book a tour to the Blue grotto at the island of Vis. It is offered to the local agencies for a modest fee. You can reach the island of biševo and independently, and directly in front of the grotto to hire a boat for 30 kunas. In Blue cave are allowed to swim. However, the number of curious tourists to all the new boats is so great that the pleasure of this bath will not deliver.

The blue cave was formed by erosion of limestone many years ago. It had been long ago known to local fishermen. Blue water in the cave is painted day - 11 to 13 hours. To get to the cave is possible only with a quiet, calm weather.