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Croatian national theatre

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Croatian national theatre is located in the city of Zagreb, the country's capital. Croatian national theatre is an iconic place not only for admirers of theater and acting, but also for lovers of architecture.

The predecessor of the Zagreb National theatre was built in 1836, the first city theatre in the Croatian capital. The National status was given to the theatre four years later, in 1840. Later the national theatre was supported by the state. Since 1870 in the theater, a resident Opera company.

In the new building of the national theatre of Zagreb moved in 1875. On the project of a building worked from Venice architects Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer. In the opening of the renovated theater was attended by the Emperor Franz Joseph.

The new theater is a luxurious combination of styles Rococo and neo-Baroque. The combination of bright yellow walls and white columns makes it very noticeable. The interior of the theatre amazes with luxury and elegance. An important detail in the interior decor are paintings of Croatian artists.

In theatre, Opera and ballet performances in different years was attended by such celebrities as Philip Gerard, Franz Leshar, Sarah Bernhardt, Laurence Olivier, Mario del Monaco, Richard Strauss, Jose Carreras, Peter Brooke, Vivien Leigh, Franz Liszt etc.

The Croatian Ministry of culture's patron of the national theatre. In many cities of Croatia (split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar and Varagine) houses the offices of the National theatre.