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Orthodox Church of St. Elijah The Prophet

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From the Central square of Old Pula, called the Forum-located here for the Roman ruins, you can go to the Orthodox Church of St. Elijah the Prophet. This small temple is located behind the Cathedral of St. Anastasia. The temple was built in the XVI century for the Greek sailors and merchants who arrived in town with the Venetian ships. According to archaeological data, on the site of the present Church of St. Elijah was formerly a medieval Church dedicated to the same Saint. In the middle of the XVIII century this Church has received into his charge the Serbian Orthodox community. It was rebuilt in the late Baroque style, and also built the belfry, which in our time needs serious renovation, as between the stones of its masonry the grass grows.

In the Church of St. Elijah kept a valuable collection of icons of XVI-XVIII centuries. These faces were painted in the Venetian, Cretan, Russian, and Serbian workshops. This is the largest collection of icons in Dalmatia. Here you can also see the sacred ritual vessels made of precious metals, mostly Venetians or Russian in XVIII-XIX centuries. Survived the bombing raids of the Second world war and a considerable number of liturgical books printed in Venice, Moscow and Buda. Some manuscripts have the Greek or Serbian origin.

The interior of the Church of St. Elijah is famous for its marble iconostasis, which was written by Michael Speranza, an artist from the island of Corfu, which in the late XVIII - early XIX century worked in Zadar. The paintings of the iconostasis was finished in 1811.