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Tisno is a town on the island of Murter. It is located closer to other settlements of the island to the mainland, the distance between the two sides at the narrowest point is only a few meters. Residents of Tisno wanted to connect the settlement with the mainland will disappear when the Turkish menace, but the inhabitants of the other villages on the island were against the bridge, because I thought that a simplified transition increases the risk of penetration of Murter robbers and vectors of dangerous infectious diseases.

However, after the fall of the Venetian Republic, the bridge began to build. The construction time was stopped because of dissatisfaction with the rest of the islanders, but in the end the famous bridge of stone was erected, and at the moment, having gone through several renovations, works well. Full reconstruction, after which the bridge became open, was held in 1991. Today Tisno is part mainland, part - island Murter.

Tisno was first mentioned in documents from the 15th century, mention connected with the Turkish invasion and war with the Venetians, when the island came many refugees. In 1808, Tisno became a municipal center. Its value is growing and as a center of Commerce and trade. That is the first of Tisno on the island began an organized touristic activity in the years between the world wars. Tourists are attracted by a special purity and preservation of nature. Nowadays, the importance of trade and crafts for the region has decreased considerably, the local population mainly engaged in agriculture.

A fine example of architecture in Baroque style is the parish Church of the Holy spirit, which was built in 1548, rebuilt in 1640, greatly expanded in the 1840s. Local architects in 1684, they built a bell tower. Pilgrims from around the world on may 26 each year come to Tisno to visit the Church of our lady of Caravaggio, built in the 18th century by the Italians.

The oldest architectural monument of Tisno is located near the outskirts of the city on the hill Iving is the Church of St. Martin, which was built on the ruins of an early Christian sanctuary in the 13th century.

In Tisno there is a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Communist regime of Yugoslavia, when hundreds of Croats were killed and buried in a mass grave.