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Baredine Cave

Photos and description

Baredine cave is a karst cave, an amazing natural phenomenon. It is located in the West of Istria near the village of Nova VAS five kilometers from the Adriatic sea. In 1986, this cave was recognized as a monument of nature in Croatia. For tourists it was opened in may 1995.

The first mention of the Baredine cave has documented her research in the early 20th century, a brave group of speleologists from Trieste descended to a depth of 80 m. in 1973, cavers from Porec found in her subterranean lake. In the waters of this lake are found amazing beings - the "human fish". They are a kind of salamanders and reach a length of 20 cm, This species is found only in the waters of this lake. They are called so because the color of their skins similar to human skin color. The life expectancy of these fish is quite high - they live almost 100 years. Also there you can find small transparent crabs.

Unique sculptures of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave were formed by mineral deposits from dripping from the ceiling of the water saturated with carbonates. With a rich imagination and fantasy in the whimsical columns you can see the leaning tower of Pisa, the statue of the virgin, an incredible curtain with a height of 10 meters and even the teeth of a dinosaur.

The world of cheese and caves are quite cold - there is almost always keeps the temperature of +14 degrees.