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A small Peninsula at the entrance to the harbour of Makarska bears the name of St. Peter. The Peninsula turned into a city Park with a long promenade and beautiful squares. From the embankment you can enjoy picturesque nature and wonderful views of Makarska, Biokovo mountain and the Islands near the shore.

Attractions of the Peninsula are the lighthouse in 1884, the buildings and the cave with an outdoor terrace where the whole Makarska is visible at a glance. The cave was used during the second world war by the Germans to shelter submarines. Also on the Peninsula you can see the Church of St. Peter, built in the XIII century. It was erected on the spot where buildings once stood the ancient Romans. It stands on a cliff above the sea. The temple is built in the shape of a regular rectangle and a narrow, elongated rectangular apse. The main altar in this Church is exceptional, because its left side is preserved the tomb of the Kacic family, which depicts a dragon. This is astonishing, as historians know that the temple was several times destroyed. After the first disaster, the Church was restored in Baroque style. She served the congregation until 1962, when there was a strong earthquake. After the accident, the temple had to be dismantled, and then rebuilt. Work on the Church lasted until 1992.

Usually the Church of St. Peter is closed. Worship services here are held only once a year - the day of St. Peter, that is 29 June. The area around the Church is used for cultural purposes. In particular, during the summer festival in Makarska the Church hosts many musical concerts that draw hundreds of spectators.