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The old town of Rovinj

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The old town of Rovinj is considered to be the most interesting part of the city, which is why he taken under the protection of Institute for the preservation of culturally significant objects since 1963.

The old town impresses with the wealth of styles represented on its territory. Here there are architectural elements (Windows, balconies, portals, stairs) as well as whole buildings, in styles: Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Baroque, Gothic, etc. Tourists enchant the narrow streets of the Old city, walking on which can bore or annoy.

From the fortified walls that protected the once Rovinj, only the ruins of the Northern and southern parts of the district. Of the seven gates in the original form is preserved only the gate of St. Benedict, Dating back to the year 1590, the gate of the Holy cross, gate, breed to the famous Rovinj's fish market.

In the Western part of the Old town is the town hall. Previously, there was the Praetorian Palace, which during its existence have been more than once rebuilt and renovated. On the ground floor of the town hall of preserved space, which previously was a prison.

In 1822 was demolished old city gate and erected a new one, topped with Venetian coats of arms and the coat of arms of Rovinj. Square Matteotti is recently renovated, the Centre for historical studies, founded in 1986. Here is a library of more than 80,000 books. It has the status of one of the richest libraries of Europe. After the area Matteoti you get the square Were the buildings of the Renaissance.

Which street you go on, it is definitely be rich experiences and exciting journey. Some streets can get you to the coast, others to the Art gallery of Rovinj or to the top of the hill, where the magnificent Church of St. Euphemia, the patron Saint of the city.

Don't forget to also visit the Church of St. Benedict (XIV century) and the Church of the Healing mother of God, which preserved many ancient icons and copies of paintings by famous Venetian artists.