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Fort Monoidal

Photos and description

Fort Monoidal was built in the XIX century and served as a defensive structure designed to protect a fleet of Pools from attack from the sea. The Fort was built in two years, finally the construction was completed in 1818. The Fort was used to protect the terrestrial and Maritime borders of Istria and the range of effects of weapons on the Fort, amounted to 800-1000 meters.

This part of the Pools was well protected, also, attacks on it almost was not made. However, the Fort was considered a valid military target and not once managed to defend the borders of the Pools.

Throughout its existence, the Fort was destroyed, the reconstruction of each time trying to adapt the architecture to the clean geometric forms. Interestingly, the Fort built of stone, using traditional building materials and techniques that were widely known during the Roman Empire.

Until recently, the Fort was in good condition and it is even used for different, unexpected, purposes: in the period of 1960-1970 there was a night club, then a warehouse of a bookstore, shops, etc. unfortunately, the building had to adapt to the new requirements. Therefore, the side of the main portal was rebuilt to Fort could pass the trucks.