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Fort Punta Christo

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Fort Punta Christo was built in the late 19th century, the forces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to protect its main naval port in the Pool. The Fort is situated on a small Peninsula, which rises above sea-level of 45 meters. The Fort offers a breathtaking view of the entrance to the Bay of Pula, national Park Brijuni Islands and the breakwater.

Most fortresses in Pula today abandoned, but their cultural and historical value, however, is recognized by all. According to legend all FORTS were connected by underground and underwater tunnels.

The fortress is surrounded by a deep moat and has three entrances. Inside the fortress is divided into three courtyard, through which you can get into the underground space of the fortress. In total there are more than 270 rooms, the total building area is over 10,000 sqm.

Thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts, the fortress of Punta Christo, one of the few well-preserved. In summer there is a large number of cultural programs, concerts, festivals and jazz evenings, exhibitions, performances, seminars, etc. to Get to the fortress of Punta Christo from may to September one of such events.