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The Jesuit Church. Ignatius

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Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius was built by the famous Jesuit artist and architect Ignatius Pozzo on Gundulić square in Dubrovnik. The architect worked on the building of the Church in 1699-1703. However, the construction ended only in 1725, and was the Church in 1729.

The construction of the Jesuit Church was begun with funds received as an inheritance one of the Jesuits, belonging to the genus, Gundulic. The patron died before the start of work on project documentation.

In front of the Church is a staircase in the Baroque style, leads from Gundulic square to the square of Rudjer Bošković, the Dubrovnik-known physics. On this ladder was staged William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet".

Near the Church of St. Ignatius is a Jesuit school Collegium Ragusinum. This school appeared in connection with discontent of the inhabitants of Dubrovnik teachers from Italy. When the Italian Beccadelli headed the diocese of Dubrovnik, it has taken the steps to open a Jesuit school. This idea was succeeded in 1658, because that's when the issue was resolved with a plot of land to build a Church. This had to destroy many houses in the oldest part of the city.

The entire complex, consisting of churches, steps and schools, is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the Baroque style in Dubrovnik, and according to some, and the whole of Dalmatia.