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Double gates

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A few steps from the Roman theatre and a very interesting Archeological Museum with a rich collection of ancient Double gate, which is also sometimes called the Gates of the twins. Located to the East of the local fortress and is one of the iconic landmarks of Pula, they were probably built at the end of 100 years and served as the entrance to a Roman theatre.

Gate simple design appeared on the site of an ancient portal. They consist of two arches combined in one wide cornice. In the upper part of the building there is a marble plate on which is recorded that a certain Lucius of Menace Prisca was donated to the city Pool 40 thousand sesterces for the design and construction of water supply system. Above the stairs there is a small hole that was used for lowering the door, preventing passage. The fact that the Double gates were built in the fortress wall and through them it was possible to enter the territory of the Old city. In addition to these gates, the city walls had 10 more passes. None of them survived. A memory of the past remained in the present time just a decorative Double gate.

Close to a Double gate in the Roman era was a necropolis. Burials of the Roman era were later plundered, and the gravestones were used in the construction of residential houses. Also recently, during archaeological excavations near the Gate of twins, scientists discovered the remains of an octagonal Roman mausoleum, which is now available for inspection.